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Fiction Short: Welcome to Mexico

Author Note: One from the archives.  I wrote this in July, 2012 – posting today in honor of Turn Back Thursday.  Feeling oddy prescient with the GOP discussion on borders and immigration in this election year.


“Phase one government curfew to be enforced in three…two … ”

It was after seven, but before eight.  You could tell because after eight p.m. phase two commenced and they never gave you a warning.  Citizen or not, you were made to pay then and there in live ordinance.  I have several scars that can attest to this.

“Citizen code twelve foxtrot zero zero charlie seven zero five.”  The nonsense code that once tripped up my tongue came forth easy and sure.

The drone bot had that infinitesimal pause as it communicated with whatever higher power was listening, probably in Tucson.  “Thank you citizen, your code has been logged, be safe and go home.  Phase two government curfew commencing in twenty-five minutes.” Continue reading Fiction Short: Welcome to Mexico