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Dream Journal: May 29, 2016

I am on a date with Rosario Dawson.

Embed from Getty Images  Rosario Dawson

Rosario and I are in a fancy restaurant, dark wood with dim candlelight, and the Larry Clark/Harmony Korine movie “Kids” (1995) is playing in the background.  Continue reading Dream Journal: May 29, 2016


Dream Journal: April 24, 2016

Part One:

Cat and I are staying in a hotel, in the penthouse suite.  Everything is immaculately clean and polished, colors are all cream, white and tan.  The oversized TV that is mounted to the wall is on and showing some kind of cheeky spy movie starring Henry Czerny.

I head downstairs.  It is morning.

I leave the hotel and enter another building through the back door that opens into a fast food/movie theater place where I am scheduled to interview.  Before me is a very large room, where an army of black and red uniformed people are assembling sandwiches and other food stuffs at a series of star-shaped counter stations.

Before me is a very large room, where an army of black and red uniformed people are assembling sandwiches and other food stuffs at a series of star-shaped table stations.


Continue reading Dream Journal: April 24, 2016

Dream Journal: April 19, 2016

Part One:

It is winter, in the country.  I am the driver of a horse-drawn carriage.  The cart passengers are a Man (played by actor Matthew Mercer) and a Woman (played by actress Marisha Ray).

Embed from Getty Images  Matthew Mercer and Marisha Ray

The Man and Woman are not kind, but they are very charming. Continue reading Dream Journal: April 19, 2016

Dream Journal: Mini Episodes 01

There is some mysterious, hidden technology that allows my wife Cat, Meredith H. and I to climb and crawl about on ceilings. Somehow this is connected with the ability of the soundtrack the planets by Gustav Holst specifically the Mars, the bringer of war track, to synch up with our furniture (which is bouncing to the strings and drums).

We are doing these ceiling maneuvers in a series of old gothic mansions.

We are looking for something specific. Continue reading Dream Journal: Mini Episodes 01

Dream Journal: April 8, 2016

I am on a train, moving from one specific geothermal region to another.  Desert.  Endless dunes as far as the eye can see.  The train is full of a mix of people and a few scattered anthropomorphized animals; elephants, lions, bears, hippos…

Rising like a hazy oasis from the desert sand is a tall domed structure, all concrete and glass.

“Now approaching the Welcome Center.  Prepare to disembark.” Continue reading Dream Journal: April 8, 2016

Dream Journal: April 5, 2016

There is a treasure hunt reality television show, filmed on the swamps.  The treasure is hidden and the cast try to locate it using hints that are found in bottled not-water.

I am rooming with a character played by Paul Giamatti, named Paul, who is on the competing team.

Embed from Getty Images  Paul Giamatti


As this is a reality show, time is not linear.  There are flashbacks and flashforwards to add spice to the narrative.  Talking heads pop up to give valuable commentary or the odd piece of trivial fluff. Continue reading Dream Journal: April 5, 2016

Dream Journal: April 2, 2016

I am part of a hit squad, comprised of some very bad people: drug dealers, prostitutes, killers.

We have been contracted by some other bad people to take out a woman target.

She is a diner cook by day and amateur drug dealer/prostitute by night, who had unintentionally pissed off the wrong people, and quickly gotten in over her head with the criminal underworld that I generally work for. Continue reading Dream Journal: April 2, 2016

Dream Journal: April 1 2016

Jaime and Adam are retiring Mythbusters.

Embed from Getty Images

Mythbusters left to right, Tory Belleci, Grant Imahara, Kari Byron, Adam Savage, Jamie Hyneman


I have received an invitation from Tory Belleci to the Mythbusters gift shop/museum building.

I head inside a very nondescript square building of concrete and smoked glass.  The lighting is dim, making the interior feel very cave like.  Displays are set up within pools of light, making it hard to see anything except for the displays.  I keep stumbling into the cordoned off velvet ropes. Continue reading Dream Journal: April 1 2016

Dream Journal: March 29 2016

It is early morning, late autumn, in Fairfield, Iowa.  I am driving to work at Art Select while the sun rises in the east.  The clouds are all purple and yellow and orange. The office building sits nestled between cornfields just north of town.

The parking lot is nearly empty.  I am one of the first ones to arrive this morning.  The air is quiet and still as I lock my car and head inside.

As I head down the wide corridor toward my office, I hear a man’s voice coming from my office. Continue reading Dream Journal: March 29 2016

Dream Journal: March 20, 2016

Location, Portlandish (everyone refers to it as Portland, but it looks nothing like Portland), Nighttime.

Amanda Palmer is playing surrogate mother to the as yet unborn child of my sister Melinda A.  In a plot twist, I had provided the sperm for this offspring.

At the beginning of the dream both Amanda and Melinda want me actively involved in the birth of the child.  I am given a donor father designator (called “DIVO” for some reason) and as far back into the dream as I can recall, I am running between the hotel I am staying at (all mirrors, glass, neon and red lacquer) and several restaurants trying to figure out where the child birthing celebratory group and I are going to have dinner to celebrate the child’s arrival.  After much consideration, I decide on someplace that serves breakfast 24 hours a day as a winning compromise that will (probably) keep everyone happy. Continue reading Dream Journal: March 20, 2016