Dream Journal: May 11, 2016

My friend Jason H. lives in one of those mini camper homes that is mounted to the back of a pickup truck.

The camper is overcrowded with all kinds of old art textbooks, notebooks, sketchbooks, comic books and graphic novels, original artwork and things like original David Sim & Gerhard pencils and inks from Cerebus the Aardvark, Carl Barks’ Scrooge McDuck pages, and the like.

This is a treasure trove which Jason needs to liquidate so he can actually fit into his camper studio again – so there is to be an auction.

Jason and I are dressed like monks.  Brown robes in a rough burlap style fabric.

In this dream Jason is a lifelong illustrator and comic book artist. His hands are permanently ink-stained, and he has manufactured a hoof-like hand structure by wrapping his fingers in strips of leather around a hockey puck sized disk.  This serves to counter the arthritis that affects him whenever his fingers are not wrapped. With his hands wrapped up, he wedges ink pen stubs between the leather and his fingers and is somehow still able to produce jaw droppingly beautiful works of art.

Stylistically his art reminds me of John Totleben and Stephen Bissette.


[image: excerpt from Swamp Thing Vol 2 #34 “Rite of Spring” by Alan Moore, inked by John Totleben from pencils by Stephen Bissette, color by Tatjana Wood, lettering by John Costanza]

Jason has asked me to help him work out the rules for the auction.

The auction attendees gather around us in an old indoor basketball court,  which is to be the location of the auction. Somehow we managed to park the truck camper here.

(Which is a good thing, as the truck’s parking brake recently broke and Jason and I had to chase the truck down the street – mini flashback. Thankfully the steering wheel had been restrained by leather straps also – so the truck could only move in a straight line.  We caught up with the truck as it was stopped by a street curb without anyone or anything getting damaged.)

Jason and I recite the rules for the auction, like monks reciting an ancient, holy litany.  Some of the auction goers are put off by this reading of the rules, and leave, uncomfortable looks on their faces.

Earlier in the dream, in a flashback, Jason and I are running around trying to set up an old style projection tv, one of those boxy devices that had the three different projection lamps, one blue, one red and one yellow that would project onto a mirror and then up onto a flat screen. We got tasked with taking these tri-projectors out of the TV case and figuring out a way to project this image into the sky so as to present a huge screen experience using the clouds as our backdrop.

As this is younger Jason, he does not have the artist arthritis nor the hoof hands.  Nor are we dressed like monks, instead sporting a more casual t-shirts and jeans ensemble.

We have no power over when the movie is being projected as it has already started when we are tasked with figuring out the whole projecting-onto-clouds idea. So it is a race against time for us to figure out the correct angles to aim the projectors, how many mirrors we need to use so as not to end up with a reversed image, and all kinds of set-up fine tuning.

The tri-projectors are too heavy for us to physically move from their current location (an apartment in the middle of a three-story building in downtown Fairfield, Iowa) so a lot of the adjustments are done via the series of mirrors we project upon.  We use three sets of mirrors just to get the image from apartment interior to the outside world at street level and another mirror to send it in the right direction, toward the trailer park on the edge of town.

We coordinate all this via walkie talky.

The movie is The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai across the 8th dimension.

As complex as the set-up is, we do finally get it working before the actual climax of the movie.

We get the projector synched up and projected into the evening sky just as the alien UFO chase commences between the evil Doctor Lizardo (John Lithgow) and the hero Buckaroo Banzai (Peter Weller). The cloud cover is absolutely perfect for the projected images, with the added bonus that there is a light rain. All those raindrops act like tiny little prisms giving the imagery of the UFO dogfight a slightly fuzzy rainbow aura.

I wake up with a beaming sense of accomplishment.


Buckaroo Banzai trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ii9n8CMpLMk



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