Dream Journal: May 4, 2016

After being on a road trip with my wife through a seemingly endless procession of beaches and other coastal scenes, I need a break.

I get dropped off to spend time with my friend Jason H. at his apartment.

Jason lives in a studio apartment which is set in a complex that is a mix of apartments and classrooms – all glass and honey varnished oak. As it is summertime the majority of the classrooms are empty.

Jason and I are just hanging out in his living room, talking about art, life, the back catalog of the Firesign Theatre comedy troupe and other subjects that we are prone to chat over when we get together.  Playing on the stereo is a mixed tape, which sounds vaguely like the band Korn.

Jason’s girlfriend summons me from the other room with a “I want to ask you something.” I think it is probably something to do with Jason’s upcoming birthday, so follow her beckons and leave the living room.

As I step through the doorway, she aggressively attacks me and there is a very rushed sexual encounter. It is over in a matter of seconds before I fully grasp what is happening. She leaves the apartment and I am fraught with guilt, do I tell Jason?

I go back into the living room, and Jason and I proceed to seek out a specific pair of sunglasses. We find a pair that is similar to what we are looking for, but one of the arms is broken , so we put it back.  The sunglasses with the broken frame have a very delicate web pattern along the frames – almost like a Native American dreamcatcher net. These glasses come with a matching Victorian Tall top hat.

While looking for the sunglasses, I have a vague feeling of snooping. I am uncovering all kinds of things that I do not want to see, but cannot help looking at, folders of photos of Jason and his partner, love notes, black vellum and latex items that have some significance but are torn up into smaller pieces.

As I am going through all these notes and assorted ephemera of Jason and his relationship with his girlfriend I feel my heart and attitude changing. Where I started the search feeling a bit resentful and guilty; afraid of this thing that happened with Jason’s girlfriend – as I work more through the folders, and finding almost matches to the sunglasses I feel the shift from fear to a heart full of love and concern for my friend Jason.

As we cannot find the specific pair of sunglasses, Jason loans me a different set – a pair of round, slightly over-sized, reflective Lennon specs.

Time passes…

School season resumes, complete with teenage girls in catholic school uniforms. There is a minor subplot about competing Japanese schoolgirls and a witchcraft pep rally, but this is just pretty background noise.

There is a pregnancy scare with Jason’s girlfriend, culminating in an awkward scene where I am trying to pantomime secret hand signals to the girl, with Jason in the room, to try and calculate if the child could be mine. The girl ignores my increasingly desperate gestures.

I wake up in a mild panic.


For those curious – yes, this is the same Jason that showed up previously in the dwarf league cosplay bowling dream.


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