Dream Journal: April 5, 2016

There is a treasure hunt reality television show, filmed on the swamps.  The treasure is hidden and the cast try to locate it using hints that are found in bottled not-water.

I am rooming with a character played by Paul Giamatti, named Paul, who is on the competing team.

Embed from Getty Images  Paul Giamatti


As this is a reality show, time is not linear.  There are flashbacks and flashforwards to add spice to the narrative.  Talking heads pop up to give valuable commentary or the odd piece of trivial fluff.

Paul is allergic to whiskey, or philosophically opposed to it.  So my team waters the whiskey down and hides it in our water bottles.  Over the course of the show we slip this whiskey water to Paul on the sly.

The information that we are slipping alcohol to Paul somehow gets to Paul’s mother, her taking head appears, earnest and sweaty, “This ain’t alright, you have to make it right!”

We all laugh at Paul’s expense.

My talking head appears, looking sweaty and sunburned, all smiles and white-capped teeth. “Ah, okay.  It’s not right.  We will pull the whiskey out of the water.”

The swamp locations resemble the Dagoba sets from the Star Wars movie Empire Strikes Back.


Certain interiors look like some sort of bloodbath has taken place.  There are secret bedrooms, with blood-spattered walls.  Before and after shots for emphasis, to show that something terrible happened here.

The reality show takes on a more ominous tone.

The camera focuses on the knife block in the kitchen, jump edit to a clip of Paul with the meat cleaver, arguing with me as I grate cheese.

Now that Paul’s alcohol consumption has been suspended, Paul has the DT shakes, which is throwing off his game.  This is putting my team in the lead position.

I wake up feeling guilty.


Dagoba/Empire Strikes Back image grabbed from an interesting Wired Article I Used Physics to Calculate How Much Yoda Weighs



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