Dream Journal: March 16, 2016

I am living in New York City, at a nameless big time newspaper, and working on bringing back the “Ask God of Joy” advice column from my college days.

There is a company gathering and general announcement that I had gotten the job, “Ask God of Joy” was going to be in the paper.  The paper’s board of directors invite me in to discuss what the column will be focusing on, “We want it to be hip and now and we want it to speak to all generations. Multigenerational.  God of Joy should speak to everyone!”

(scattered applause)

I start to sweat a little, but try and flash some self-confidence even though I am not entirely sure what they are after or how I will squeeze that in.  Big smiles all around as I nod.  “Yes.”

There are “congratulations”, and whirlwinds of warm handshakes and back pats, and a few murmurs of “that is the first step toward syndication.”

Closing time at the paper comes.

I am holding the elevator, people around me are groaning, but I have got to hold the car, it is important.  My friend Richard Fox, Fashion Editor, wearing a suit and scarf combination in crisp black and white (because he is the fashion editor, damn it), laughing that I am holding the elevator for him, but taking his sweet time walking down the hall and across the foyer to get to the car.  It is his catwalk, damn it.  He will milk every second he can out of it, which just prompts him to laugh more.

That laughter is contagious, by the time he gets through the elevator door we are all laughing.

The “Congratulations Goj” party moves to a downtown nightclub to celebrate with drinks and (inevitably) karaoke.  People in attendance include Richard, my wife Cat, Christine S. (and other writers at the paper), Adele and Jimmy Fallon (who are evidently a couple now, trying to play it on the down low, but doing a terrible job), Rosario Dawson and assorted other celebrities.


I wake up laughing, feeling the best I have in days.

I may be finally getting over the Flu (thank heavens).


Jimmy Fallon image from People Magazine

Adele image from Wired Magazine

Rosario Dawson image from CelebMafia



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