Dream Journal: March 7, 2016

A Double Feature

Dream 1:

It is a brutal, dark, gothic-punk world. Warring street gangs have adopted over the top personalities and mask wearing tendencies that mirror the public’s fascination with comic book heroes.

I am in one of these gangs. We wear homemade luchador masks and lurk in the alleys of our territory.

There is a shaky truce going on among all the street gangs of the city. We are uniting against a greater evil that will not be named. The truce feels like it is about to go bad at any moment. Our team is headed to the heart of the enemy camp. As we arrive it is revealed that someone in our team is working closely with the enemy – there is a mole in our tribe.

Militant masks pour out of the woodwork – we are outnumbered and outgunned. There is going to be a fight scene. Lightning flashes and the rain begins to fall, cold and wet.


Cue the fight scene music which morphs into the sound of my wife’s cell phone alarm waking me up.

I go back to sleep.

Dream 2:

There is a lithe African girl with arms that are only sometimes present, and even when they do exist, they only sometimes work. Beyond the uncertainty of the arms she is quite beautiful, so predictably, she is a supermodel. The fact that the arms would go missing meant her statuesque figure would emphasize her hips and legs, which fashion designers would get quite keen on, particularly with boots, skirts, and slacks.

Within the dream, the supermodel is played by Lupita Nyong’o.


A group of people (including myself) is spending time in a nameless suburb with the model’s mother. There is a pending investigation to prove the existence of the supermodel who only sometimes has arms, which came up during a recent IRS audit.

The Mother tells us tales of the girl growing up. These segments are told via mother voice over narration and flashback.

“…the arms just disappeared when she was eleven. It was in the middle of a basketball game. They came back twenty minutes later … but Lord … did it give us all a scare.”

Tales of talent scouts for the modeling agencies going to war with one another for the right to represent the girl.

The media blitz of experts from scientific and religious backgrounds weighing in on where do the arms go when they are not attached?

Strange modeling agency campaigns to “find” other models with missing limbs, leading to court cases that questioning the legality of elective surgery on underage girls with perfectly healthy limbs, as pushed for by pageant mothers.

At the conclusion of the backstory, we are all helping the mother put together paperwork and personal tributes that prove the model’s existence. A box full of school papers and report cards, social security paperwork, a scientific journal about the arms that disappear and re-appear, etc.

The mother and the group, are all very concerned because this is all irreplaceable material we are packing into the box – if we give it to the government agency there is a very real chance that we will never see it again. And then what happens if six months to a year later another agency comes forward demanding proof of the model’s existence.

Something odd. In the dream, the African model is played by the actress Lupita Nyong’o (Oscar Winner for Twelve Years a Slave). We only see her in flashback scenes. She never appears in the house with the mother and the group, nor is there any kind of photographic evidence in the mother’s house of the model’s existence. Which in hindsight of daylight seems odd. If the supermodel did exist, why not just present the person to the government agency? “Here she is. Oh look, today she has working arms, what a bonus for you.”

photo credits:

Lupita Nyong’o image with Oscar (unknown photographer) gleaned via


Homemade Luchador is “Muerte Azul! (shorter)”by Goj/Robert S. Allen



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