Dream Journal: February 21 -part one

The first dream is a game night version of a pub crawl. It is me and three other people; my wife Cat, and couple Edgar and Amanda (whom I do not really know). The objective is to network and meet new people, there is a “blind date” feel to the activity – in turns awkward and revealing, interesting and engaging.

Location one features a card game. We meet Sven; English is his secondary language, his parents run a reindeer stockade in Norway. He is here studying economics. We meet Sybil; she hails from Egypt and plays jazz bass. I get the sense that Sybil either does not fully understand the rules of the card game we are playing, or she is mildly cheating. In either case, we all have a fun time. I trade phone numbers with Sybil, maybe we can get together and jam sometime. Her band could use a more reliable vocalist.

After each game, there is a clean-up period and then we move on to the next location. Deciding upon the next location is a game unto itself. A dice roll, 1-3 means we go to the nearest location to us, 4-6 means we go to the farthest physical location from our current position. The map comes out, it looks like a placemat from a local diner, it is even is partially colored in by someone who favors the color orange.

At the next location is a charades-style game, there is betting involved. I lose a lot of money, but Cat does alright. The rules are very complex, and there is quite a bit of loud vocalization and broad body movement. One of the women we are playing with starts crying toward the end, we all think it is part of the game and it is not until later that we realize that she was genuinely crying. Much hugging ensues until everyone feels better. We clean up and move on to the next game.

It is a board game at location three, with a half dozen female doctorate students at the local college. They are all dressed provocatively and use that to gain the upper hand in gameplay. The students reveal they are pagan witches, and the game takes on a new angle as a strip element is introduced. Edgar and Amanda go off with one of the doctorate witches and the three of them engage in some kind of sexual activity in the next room. A couple bottles of wine come out and the board game is set aside and the rest of the group start a discussion. We discuss the benefits of nude moon worship, how the doctorate program enhances the pagan witch study and vice versa, all while trying to ignore the sounds coming from the next room.

Eventually, Edgar and Amanda slink back out from the room they were in and we all cleanup and head to the next game location.

Cat, Edgar, Amanda and I are all weaving a little as we make our way to a Tibetan Monastery and play a drinking/singing game with the resident monks. Joining in is a hacker from Texas that is determined that we all remember him as “King Pepe”.  King Pepe passes out shortly into the second round of drinks and gameplay. The monks proclaim him the winner and then go on to talk despairingly about him through the rest of the game.

I wake myself up with a loud snore. I wish I could remember details of the games.

I scribble down notes on the above and then go back to sleep.

Strangely, the dream resumes…stay tuned for part two.


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