Song Lyric: Crazy Gato

Gato Gato Gato
Loves the red couch-o
she pretends that it isn’t there
Yet it’s covered in white cat hair
Crazy Crazy Gato
She attacks it ’cause it ain’t dead yet
Causing my wife great lament
Good argument for furniture of cement
Crazy Crazy Gato

Gatoooo Amour
Gatoooo Amour
She loves so thoughtlessly
Shows her belly and purrs
She loves a good scritch behind the ears
Gato! Amour!
Sleeping on the window sill
Everything is fine until
Crazy Crazy Gato!

(Audience participation part)

Climbing up the window screen (Gato!)
Leaping on kitty trampoline (Gato!)
Attacking at my bare feet (Gato!)
Singing for the Tuna Meat (Gato!)
Hunting down little ghosts (Gato!)
Who’s the Cat I love the most

~fiddle solo~

(During fiddle solo, band members attach large foam helmets that have giant cat ears and crowd dive into the audience)

We pray that Gato has Nine Lives
But man my couch is compromised
The curtains have been ripped up too
The fake fichus is held together with glue
There’s catnip catnip everywhere
and the hair, the HAIR!!!
the hair, the hair
el Gato!


Crazy Gato!

[yes, it is rather silly, but it has a special place in my heart] inspired by this flickr photo by Jim Skea


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